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Everything you need to control

your LIFE finances in one place

less paperwork

with e-signing of timesheets, scans of invoices, contracts and other documents you have instant access to all finance related information - even from your international partners.

Simple and intuitive platform

eLMA was created to help you with your paperwork. So it's simple and intuitive menu is guiding you through and inside formulas remember for you things you might forget

multi projects

doesn't matter whether you run one or more LIFE or other externally funded projects. You can control all your LIFEs in eLMA and fill in timesheets for all external projects in one place.

safe storing and sharing

your data is safe. We are not collecting any personal or sensitive data. Built-in access right profiles keep your project's sensitive data away from unauthorised personel.

Let's have a close look

what eLMA can offer you



when updated by project partners on a regular basis will give you a list of projects expenses where scans of documents are available. Expenses are categoried by actions, cost categories, source of funding, date, eligibility...


project implementation is externaly supported by subcontractors. Planned payments infulence projects implementation and cash flow. Updated on a regular basis will give you a full image of future payments, state of play in project implementation of your partners part.


almost everything is ordered. If so you meet public procurement laws or civil tendering regulations. By keeping updated tender section you can plan your actions and control future payments and project cash flow.


personnel costs are those tricky ones. Its not that obvious and planning and calculating the eligible costs might be problematic. But not with eLMA! It dynamically recalculates personnel costs to give you up-to-date information about eligible costs.


eLMA gives you possibility to fill in, e-sign and store timesheets of all your project's employees. Yours or your partners'. You can enter working time divided by actions or per project. You can fill in one timesheet for all your projects at once and in one place. When timesheets are e-signed by employee and her/his supervisor they are allowed to be stored only in electronic version in eLMA.

access rights

not everyone should see all content. You can divide employees into several profiles that will allow or block certain modules or rights of users. By giving all users their unique login and password you can be certain that sensitive data are unavailable to unauthorised personnel. You can also grnat rights for your TMO or FMO.


having a list of expenses or contracts doesn't mean much if you can't compare, filter or process. That is what reports are for. They show you those data divided into actions, cost categories, dates... we can create any report you need to have a full control over project's finances.

file sharing

project is not only invoices, cotracts, tender documents... but also other documents that might be needed for all project partners - internal regulations, templates, general documents... Storing those in eLMA gives you an opportunity to have all crucial documents in one place where everyone from your team has access.



now you don't need to print your timesheets. eLMA gained acceptation from CINEA to keep timesheets only in electronic version inside the application. All timesheets are electronically signed both - by employee and her/his supervisor. Signed and approved timesheets are no longer editable. Any timesheet can be viewed and printed out as non-editable pdf file at any time during project lifetime. TMO - if granted access - can view all those timesheets.

many projects

you run many LIFEs or LIFE and other externally financed projects and fill in time sheets for all those projects separatelly? It's waste of you precious time! Start filling working time for all your activities (including externally financed projects) in one timesheet in eLMA!
eLMA enables you also to control all your LIFEs in one place - doesn't matter whether it is two or more LIFEs or they are ongoing or just started.


eLMA has already four currencies - eur, rom, usd and pln. But we can implement any currency you might need. Built-in INFOREURO calculators are dynamically recalculating costs issued in other than euro currencies. You can view costs filtered by national currency or by euro. In Reports the idea is the same.

settings and configuration

eLMA is predefined for you with basic informations about your project - name, duration, beneficiaries, actions and their budget, financing parties and shares, project employees and eLMA users related to your project. all those data can be updated and modified during project's lifetime by yourself. This keeps you updated with actual state of play.

safe SSL certificate

all your data is safe. secure SSL certificate - the same which is used by banks - makes your project's data safe. Individual logins and passwords for users block the entrance of unauthorised persons.

support & online user manual

we are here to help you. our e-mail support does what they can to address your questions instantly. 95% of e-mail questions are solved within few hours. for your convenience we developed also an online user manual.

do not complicate your LIFE using old-fashioned spreadsheets!


use a tool that delivers solutions unavailable till now

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