eLMA has new features

We are happy to announce that eLMA was upgraded with new features.

The main change was made within employee personnel costs forms. Now for those of you that need to or wish to enter annually personnel costs instead of monthly – there is such possibility in employee personnel costs form. In the beginning, you should choose “year” in the period box (a monthly basis is set as default). And then open selected employee form. This form contains additionally (apart standard required information) box for entering extra working hours that are not included in timesheets (i.e. hours worked before the project started).

Please use this form mindfully as exaggeration or wrong information in those extra hours will change significantly the eligible personnel cost and there should be documents that will prove the value of those extra hours, that is not present in timesheets, is correct.

The second main change was due to modification in the timesheet template made by EC, which is already implemented in eLMA. From now on all timesheets will be printed using this new template. For your information – the change was minor and concerned part where names and signatures are supposed to be placed.