Who are we?

Who are we?


We are three passionates from different fields – nature conservation, IT and finance – that combined gives a perfect mix.

With our passion, vast experience and in-depth knowledge of how LIFE works we offer you our assistance in setting up a proper financial project management system in line with your project’s needs, national legal circumstances and administrative reporting requirements, ensuring compliance and eligibility of costs. 

Using the functionalities of eLMA built on our expertise will ensure that your project is managed successfully from a financial perspective. Whether you need help with reliable tracking of costs, reporting or ensuring bullet-proof compliance with the rules, you can count on us. Don’t leave your financial management to chance and make a step to minimize financial risks.


Magdalena Makowska

Michał Trzcinka

client support, overall project management set up

infrastructure developer, technical client support

Magdalena is a designer of eLMA and company co-funder. She has also many years of experience in successfully managing LIFE project from three LIFE perspectives. She has in-depth knowledge of international project management.

Michał is a developer of eLMA and company co-funder. He has built eLMA from scratch based on his knowledge of SaaS application in practice. He’s responsible for all internal features, calculations and templates