New feature: Report - Employee time breakdown

Dear eLMA Users!

As you know, eLMA is fully a fully customisable tool.

We are happy to announce that for your convenience new features in eLMA have been launched!


  1. A new report for Managers and Coordinators - Employee time breakdown. This report enables Managers and Coordinators to track time spent on a given action by the employees. It also provides information on planned vs spent hours. You can easily access the report via Reports module or directly from the cockpit. As all reports, you can also export it to MS Excel file. Employees will see information only from their own timesheets.
  2. From our online questionnaire, we learnt that you would like to save the chosen filter while editing records. We developed such function of the filters and now when you go back to the main window of the module after finishing editing a record found by filtering – the window will still show only filtered records. To view all records you will need to clear filters.
  3. While exchanging correspondence we noticed that name of the module “invoices” might be misleading as the module include all accounting documents apart personnel costs. Those documents may include also other than VAT invoices such as non-VAT bills, receipts, travel reimbursement sheets etc. That is why we changed the name of the module from “Invoices” to “EXPENSES”. Nothing more was changed in that module.